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Acting Director addresses Animal Control upgrades

Amarillo, TX - The acting Director of Animal Control in Amarillo, Scott McDonald has vowed to promise less and deliver more, and so far has delivered. 
At the Animal Control Board's monthly meeting today, McDonald addressed the board, citing changes to the way they intake animals. Every animal that can be returned to their home found in the field, will be. 

All other animals that are taken to the shelter now undergo microchip scanning (to see if an owner can be called), they take a photo of the animal, weigh it, tag it with a computer print out band that lists the animals weight, description, gender, and date and location of where he or she was picked up. 

McDonald says that intake profile is then distributed to animal rescue groups and other websites that help connect lost animals with their owners. McDonald was praised by all members of the Animal Control board, and members of the community for the progress he has made. 
Animal Control Director Mike McGee, and Assistant Director Shannon Barlow are still on administrative leave. 
The city attorney said today at the Animal Control Board meeting they will wait until the Grand Jury in Randall County finishes their investigation, and then will conduct an internal review of the situation,  that is when it's expected there will be an announcement whether or not McGee and Barlow will continue to work for the city.

Randall County D.A. James Farren has said the Grand Jury is expected to take a few weeks to conclude their findings.

Click here to read the Amarillo City Council draft copy of the new Ordinance regarding Amarillo Animal Control practices.
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