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VA hospital delay investigation continues

VA hospital delay investigation continues

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Austin, TX - The Obama administration is speaking out about the scandal affecting the agency overseeing Veterans' hospitals nationwide.   

President Obama's top aide says the Commander in Chief is furious about reports that Veterans suffered treatment delays at VA hospitals and he's demanding the problems get fixed and never happen again.  

The VA admits 23 patients have died waiting for care and now new reports indicate that number may be much higher. Investigators revealed the agency paid more than 36 million dollars, since 2001, to settle at least 167 cases reportedly related to delays.  

The VA's Undersecretary for Health, resigned just a day after testifying before a Senate committee, but that's done little to silence critics who are demanding Secretary of Veterans affairs to step down.

Late last week those allegations surfaced surrounding the Central Texas VA clinics leaving many Texas lawmakers and citizens outraged and calling for an investigation. The house will vote Wednesday on legislation that would give the VA Secretary of Affairs more authority to fire or demote executives and administrators at the agency's medical centers.