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Fritch prom goes on

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Amarillo, TX -- During the past week we shared with you the stories about fire victims in Fritch losing everything including some seniors who lost their prom attire. Saturday night, Fritch celebrated their junior and senior prom.
Prom is meant to be a night that will never be forgotten and for the seniors, this is their moment to share a night of laughs, dancing, memories and good times before they take off into the "real world"and last night Fritch Juniors and Seniors gathered together to celebrate their Great Gatsby theme prom, as one.  

It's a night many high schoolers dream of. This year, for Fritch juniors and seniors, it's special.  

After the wildfires took everything away from some students, including prom attire.

Businesses and community members around the panhandle stepped up to give what ever help they could, which even included the food and drinks at prom.

"I hope that the victims in the fire get a sense of security again that we're in here for a group we are family and that they know that we love them and we will support them any way we can." says Ashley Russell, Senior

Crystal White was one of the fire victims who lost everything, and everything she has on, is donated.

"Oh gosh, I can't even name all the people who have helped my family and I out, sorry,  it's been... It's been really uplifting for us and ton of donations and i can't believe all the support from everybody." says Crystal White, Senior

Another fire victim who also had the chance to pick out her dress from donations, says this is her blessing.

"I really did lose a lot of things I didn't think I would so i'm just grateful for it." says Leticia Rendo, Senior

But these girls kept it positive, and just wanted to accomplish one thing from the night.
"Great memories and a good time." says Crystal

"I mean I just really need to get away from it all so it's kind of a normal night like i'm just really committed to having fun tonight." says Leticia

Their classmates had this message for them and other fire victims who also attended prom:

"Just realize that everyone is sticking together and everyone is looking out for them." says Todd Cambell, Junior

"People come together and still have a good time, even tho something bad happen." says Melanie Beery, Junior

So the night went on... Students posing for selfies, eating... And of course mingling with all their friends and dancing the night away...

"I think everybody needed prom, kinda just to get out and have a night and just have fun with friends and kinda forget everything and really be happy." says Currie Cannon

These students had a mission... To make lasting memories.

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  • Sarah Macias

    Sarah Macias

    Sarah Macias joined the NewsChannel 10 team in April 2014.
    Sarah Macias joined the NewsChannel 10 team in April 2014.