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Amarillo Zoo helps to protect local species

A creature once considered nearly extinct is now making a comeback with help from the Amarillo Zoo and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
On Saturday, the zoo presented a check for $1,500 for the Black Footed Ferret Conservation Program.  

In the past, the ferret used to roam our area, but started dying off with the demise of prairie dogs.

But now, thanks to the help of the Amarillo Zoo, the US Fish and Wildlife Service can continue to help this unique animal.  

"That funding is for monitoring equipment, so we can monitor black footed ferrets to reintroduction sites throughout the great plains and inner mountain west," John Huges, a wildlife biologist told us. 

For just about a year, volunteers at the zoo sold temporary tattoo's to raise the $1,500 that was presented today.  
The Amarillo Zoo is the only one in the state to have  a display for the black footed ferret.  
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