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PLAY 60 makes a stop at Vega high school

Amarillo, TX -- Kids in Vega had the chance to skip class this morning and join the fun in promoting health and physical activity.  

It's the nation's largest in-school wellness program pushed by the NFL.

And after 3 years of hard work, Vega ISD won the chance to have "Fuel Up To Play 60" visit their district with a  special guest-- Former tight end for the Dallas Cowboys and three time Super Bowl champ-- Jay Novacek.  

"Jay Novacek came for Fuel Play 60 and we ran through the tunnel with him." says Dakota Walker, 4th grader

Jay Novacek  and Dairy Farmers talked to Vega kids about staying on a healthy diet and to have at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.
Students demonstrated how to be physically active at school and home and they also had the chance to ask the Super Bowl Champ himself some questions.

Novacek says  he always looks forward to visiting small towns like Vega...  

"I love the small schools, this is my type of town where i grew up in small towns all across the midwest and to be able to come to a small town like this, you know to me that's fun." says Jay Novacek, Former Dallas Cowboy

And the kids loved him too...

"It felt awesome, I've never really met an NFL person, I mean I've seen them on TV a lot of times but seeing them in person is really awesome." says Slade Brorman, 6th grader

According to Play 60, students who eat breakfast have a better attention span and memory.

And after just 20 minutes of physical activity, brain activity improves.

So the Vega kids have this message for you at home...  

"Work hard, do all the things right, eat your veggies and act right and sometimes miracles like this happen." says Slade

"Stay healthy and fit so you can play more and have more fun." says Dakota

At the end of the assembly the kids joined novacek with a string cheese toast... Vowing to stay healthy and active.

"I've never been beat at it and I don't know why they didn't have me out here earlier because I've never been beat by an 11 year old in the obstacle course... Ever." says Jay Novacek, Former tight end for the Dallas Cowboys

A little humor there from Jay... All schools and parents are encouraged to stay involved by promoting good nutrition and physical activity,
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