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Ranchers to vote on Beef Marketing Program

Amarillo, TX - Farmers and ranchers will soon be voting whether to increase the Texas Beef Checkoff program an extra dollar per head.

Ranchers are wanting to keep to keep customer loyal to beef at a time when prices are high.

Currently the rate is one dollar per head and has been since the 80's.

 A Local producer, Dale Smith, explains why the program is asking ranchers to vote to raise the rate by an additional dollar.

"There is an existing dollar check off right now, but the biggest problem is the dollar right now started back in the 1980's and because of inflation that one dollar is now is now worth about 44 cents."

An agriculture economist, Dr. Stephen Amosson, says this program is really effective for producers.

"It is meant to promote the beef industry both domestically and on the export front. And it has been very effective. A study that was done shows that for every dollar that had been invested is returned over five dollars."

Smith explained how this program could help bring beef prices down at the grocery store.

"We are still suffering from a historic drought and therefore beef prices have decreased, but there is still a great demand for beef. And so a healthy industry will increase beef productions which will hopefully stabilize the beef prices in the super market. And help producers to afford high quality beef".

Local producers owning cattle in Texas will be able to vote June 2nd through the 6th at the Texas A&M Agrilife extension service county office.
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