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Tulia Chief of Police experiences new non-lethal device

The Tulia Police Department recently purchased a new taser like device. But to see what it feels like, Jeffrey Yarbrough volunteered for an experience he said was hotter than anything he's ever felt before.

The department is the first in the panhandle to use the new JPX Cobra 450. And although it may look like a gun, it sure does pack a different punch; a punch the Chief wanted to experience first hand.  

Standing outside, patrol man Ryan Sims asked Yarbrough if he was ready. With a simple yes, he pulled the trigger and a non-lethal spay of cayenne pepper and water was dispensed. 
"I had absolutely no desire to resist. I was just looking for the first person to help me get this stuff off my face," Yarbrough said.

For the first time, officers will have the option of using the JPX Cobra, instead of a taser.
"I'm in favor of the JPX. It's a very valuable tool to help keep officers and the public safe. I would recommend it." Sims told us.

The high velocity stream sends a strong message, regardless of where it hits.

"Cease all resistance. I think it will make them want to try the best method of quickly getting this off their face," Yarbrough said.

It's a message the Tulia Police Department hopes will help to keep the community safe,  and save a little money.

"The cost of a single JPX Cobra 450 is half the cost of a traditional taser. Our office has ordered six and we will have all six issued to our officers to carry on duty," Yarbrough said.

After being hit with the Cobra's spray Chief Yarbrough told us with closed eyes, comparing the two, I would rather be tased."
It's a similar feeling officers who went through the training seem to share.

"It's intense, it's very painful and excruciating, preferably when I took it,  I would rather be tased than shot by the JPX," Sims told us.

The Chief said it took about 30 minutes before he could fully open his eyes after being hit.

In a situation where a suspect is hit by the Cobra, we're told EMS would be called right away to help the suspect clean up.  

It's non-lethal spray will cause a burning sensation but tests show after it is washed off, the burning will subside. 

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10
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