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Student survey reveals synthetic marijuana usage could be declining

Amarillo, TX - Fewer children are using synthetic marijuana in Amarillo, according to a student survey conducted by Impact Futures.

A survey of about 2,500 Amarillo Independent School District students, ranging from 6th graders to seniors, shows the efforts of Impact Futures to get the drug off the street could be working.

From protesting shops selling K2, to launching a petition for officials to take action against them, the organization has made eliminating the drug in Amarillo one of their main priorities. The AISD student survey reveals the usage of synthetic marijuana dropped by almost half in the past year, which they say is a success.

"I think a lot has to do with us raising awareness. We have done all the different protests, and we've heard that different stores have quit selling after we've protested," said Impact Futures Project Director LaViza Matthews. "And I think just basically letting the public know what the real dangers are helped."

The survey also shows a decrease in children smoking marijuana and taking prescription drugs. Matthews said the survey helps them know which areas they need to focus on. "It helps us change our strategies in fighting a particular drug. For example, if we see prescription drug use is now higher, then we'll double our efforts with the medical return boxes. See, we got the medical return boxes last year, last October, and we've seen prescription drug abuse go down."

Although they've seen progress, Matthews said the organization will continue fighting K2 at the local and state level. She said their next hurdle is getting the law changed to make synthetic marijuana illegal in the 2015 Legislative Session.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10
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