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The Heart Glow 5K and family walk is dedicated to children suffering from heart disease

Amarillo, TX - The 2014 Heart Glow run is Friday, but this year it's special for one local girl and her family.  

The little girls name is Mia, and she is an open heart surgery survivor.  

The Heart Glow 5K run and family walk is dedicated to patients like Mia and supported by the non profit organization-- Mended Little Hearts aiding children suffering from heart disease and remembering those who have passed.  

The Heart Glow run, it's a run for the heart of children.

This year will be the first time Coffee Memorial Blood Center partners with High Plains Mended Little Hearts.

And tomorrow night over 200 people are expected to be running on this trail for a good cause.

It will be held at the John Stiff park in Amarillo, and all proceeds will provide education and support to individuals and families dealing with heart defects.

"She's fire cracker" says Josh Whitney, Mia's dad

He's talking about his daughter, Mia, at 10 months, Mia had open heart surgery, now she's 6 and a survivor.  

"She is quiet and shy but she is a very vivacious at heart and she is such a loving little girl that's fought the good fight and she has come out on the other side." says Suzanne Talley, Director of PR, Coffee Memorial.

Other children may not be as fortunate, nearly 4,000 infants in the United States are born each year with heart defects, and around 200 of those babies die because of unrecognized heart disease.  

Children with heart conditions depend on blood donations, and Mia's father says if it wasn't for those donations his little girl wouldn't be alive.  

"Gift of blood is the gift of life, if she didn't have any blood to receive she wouldn't be here right now, I know that for a fact because she wouldn't have made it through what she was going through." says Josh Whitney.

This will be the event's first evening run and it's $25 to participate, glow sticks will be provided.  

"Its the glow run and it's going to be a great deal, big fun, it's going to be big fun." says Whitney.

Lanterns will be lit and released into the air around 8:45 PM in dedication to the children who are suffering and those who have passed because of heart defects.  

And yes, Mia will be at the race Friday.  
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