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Double Diamond fire destruction

Double Diamond fire destruction

Amarillo, TX - Residents in Fritch are now digging through what's left of their homes.

NewsChannel 10 was allowed access to the area Thursday morning and have been in Fritch since the fires started Sunday.

NewsChannel 10's Angelica Brown sent these pictures showing residents slowly being allowed back into evacuated areas. She says although there were still some untouched homes, the majority of the area is destroyed.

The smell of smoke  lingers in the air and the entire area looks lifeless.  

At a meeting this morning held by members of Hutchinson County departments, they talked about getting people back on their feet.

The incident was named a disaster shortly after the fire started Sunday and officials say that will help them receive state and even possibly federal funding to help get Fritch restored.

Right now, the fire sits at 90% contained.

Patrols are staying in the area as crew workers say there is still potential for this fire to start up again, not only in Fritch, but in Borger and Stinnett.  
The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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