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Water Wasters: The Bridge, making changes for conservation

Even though it's been cooler the past few days, people are still keeping a close eye on water usage throughout Amarillo.  

Every week we look through the photos you send us. But this week, we noticed a few of them coming from the same place.    

That's why we went to the Bridge on Quail Creek to hear what they had to say.
"We just finished a construction project where we expanded our facility and we decided while we had that going on we added a sub station irrigation system specifically for the purpose of conserving water," said Board of Directors President, David Walker. 

It's an investment they say will start working in about three weeks and will help save water in the long run. But in the meantime, they need to make sure their seed is firmly planted before they can transition to the sub station. 

"That sub station irrigation system, is not susceptible to wind blowing the water away off into the parking lot and into the street. It  keeps all the water in the soil and keeps us green using very very little water," Walker told us. 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday afternoon we were out and about and saw water pooling in the street in front of the the Dollar General on Willow Creek. 

After we pulled up, the manager came out and turned off the sprinklers.

But, when we called them on Wednesday, they declined to comment on camera.

However, we were happy to see them take a proactive approach to helping conserve water, because when it comes to such a precious resource, it's important to make sure everyone is doing their part to take care of it.  

We can only help try to conserve water with your help, so if you notice any businesses wasting water, snap a picture of it and email to us at waterwasters@newschannel10.com

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