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A new outdoor pool in Wellington

Amarillo, TX - Soon an area community can enjoy some pool time with a tropical theme.
It's the City of Wellington,  new outdoor pool is in the process of being built and will hopefully be done in time to open this season.  

With summer approaching the City of Wellington is pulling out its pocket book to get a new public outdoor swimming pool.

City manager Jon Sessions says it's been a long time coming.  

"If we are unable to open the new pool this season, we'll go ahead and open the old one and we'll get into this new one next season." says Jon Sessions, City Manager of Wellington.

The old pool near the airport is around 75 years old.  

At this time there is not a set date to when the new outdoor pool will open but there should be a definite answer by June 15th.

It's going to be a tropical theme with 13-feet to dive in and a shallow area.

"It includes a leisure pool, a lap pool, a diving well, and as i said slides and we'll have a water place structure in the shallow end of the pool." says Jon Sessions.

This outdoor pool in the making is currently nameless, so the city has a contest for students, to come up with a name and whoever has the winner will get a free season pass.

With the new pool near a park, play area and the activity center, the city is hoping to bring in more visitors to Wellington.
"This is a blessing to us. An opportunity to build a facility like this, we think we'll draw from probably a 50 mile radius, bring some folks into Wellington, this is going to be great for our community." says Jon Sessions.

Again, the city is hoping to be able to open the pool this season but they won't have a definite answer until June 15th.  

If the pool is not ready, they will go ahead and open the older one and save this one for next season.

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