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New evaluation system for Texas school teachers

Amarillo, TX - Texas could soon have new method for evaluating its public school teachers.

The Texas Education Agency has proposed a new statewide teacher evaluation method for the fist time in 17 years.

The new system had been dubbed the "Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System" or T-TESS.

For the first time the evaluation system ties teacher assessments to student performance on standardized tests.

Under the the new system 70-percent of a teachers grade will be based on observations and 20 percent will come from students performance on standardized testing.

The executive director of human resources at Canyon ISD, Ken Carriere, says this new system could have a big  impact on some teachers because of the 20-percent coming from students performances on standardized tests.

"Depending on the needs and abilities of the students that are in their classroom. So I think a high percentage of this evaluation being attached to that particular individual teacher as opposed to a campus, that could be something of a concern"

Carriere says these new changes could not affect students in a negative way.

"We always strive for higher education for our students to ensure that is continuing in Canyon ISD and other school districts throughout the state."

Canyon ISD says they have a plan in place to adjust to the new evaluation system.

"We are planning over the summer with our curriculum director and our professional development department. Components of our fall professional development department will have to be tied to this so we can educate our staff on what the changes are in the new evaluation system"

The new evaluation system is set to go into place this fall.
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