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Salvation Army and the American Red Cross provide relief efforts for fire victims

Amarillo, TX -- The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross are teaming up to help victims and emergency crews.

The Amarillo and Pampa Salvation Armies-- along with the Amarillo Red Cross are stationed at the Fritch High School and Middle School providing food and basic needs.  

"We're just here to help, you know anything we can do to help these folks. We're here to help them, I mean I can't think of anything more devastating than this" says Wanda Fowler, Food Service Coordinator at Salvation Army in Amarillo

Free breakfast, lunch and dinner are being served to fire victims and emergency crew members at Fritch Middle School.  

Wal-mart has donated food-- and the salvation army has food service that can feed up to 1200 meals per day.  

And they say they will stick around for as long as they are needed.  

As far as donations go-- they are appreciated but Executive Director for the Red Cross says to hold off for now.

"Hold off on doing any kind of donation until you know people can get down assess the damage and find out what the needs are and you know once we identify those we will certainly pass that along to the media." says Steve Pair, Executive Director at American Red Cross

"Lot of folks have been bringing clothes and personal items but we don't have anywhere to store that right now, so that's an issue, we don't have anywhere to keep that. Nobody has decided where they want to put that yet." says Fowler

The Salvation Army of Amarillo has partnered with the United Supermarket family and in most locations you can make a financial contribution to the relief efforts in the Fritch/Sanford areas by adding a dollar or more at checkout.  

"It just speaks to where we live in the panhandle, everybody really coming together to help all those impacted by these fires and we couldn't do it alone." says Steve Pair

This evening the Fritch High School is allowing fire victims to stay the night and have showers available and cots to sleep on at the high school gym.

Money Donations:

Mail: Checks only
The Salvation Army
Disaster Service
P.O. Box 2490
Amarillo, TX  79109

Specify "Fritch, TX"

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