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Hutchinson County wildfire, firefighters continue to work fire

UPDATE: The Texas A&M Forest Service is calling the Fritch wildfire the Double Diamond Fire. It is now 65% contained and 156 structures are destroyed. 

Areas with no residential losses are:
Double Diamond
Gravel Pit
Sanford Estates North
Venson Development
Maverick (south of Holly St.)

UPDATE: The regional fire coordinator with the Texas A&M Forest Service confirms that one person has died as a result of the wildfire that sparked up Sunday afternoon near Fritch.

The fire in and around town is contained to only hot spots, but the whole 2,500-plus acre fire in the surrounding area is only 35 percent contained.

Officials estimate that 131 structures were damaged in the fire, 89 of which were homes.

UPDATE: The latest information from the public meeting in Fritch:

- Evacuated areas will remain closed until tomorrow morning. Residents needing a place to stay are urged to go to the high school.

- The Red Cross is serving dinner at the high school at 5 pm for anyone who needs it.

- As of right now, all schools in Fritch will start at 10 am tomorrow. Displaced families will be accommodated by the school district.

- Animal Control is rounding up animals. Contact City Hall if you are missing a pet.

- All information updates will be posted at the Fritch City Hall Annex from here on out.

The American Council of the Blind is taking donations for the victims of the Fritch wildfire. They are needing clothes, blankets, canned food, shoes, baby supplies, bottled water and much more. They will be taking the donation up until 8:00pm on Tuesday and will deliver on Wednesday morning. They have locations at 403 South Western and at 2730 South Grand.

Officials tell us the fire is out in the town of Fritch and they are just battling hot spots.

The fire started around 4pm Sunday afternoon. Surrounding fire departments on scene were: Dalhart, Hartley, Cactus, Sandford and a fire department from New Mexico.

Crews are doing a house to house search to get an updated number on house damaged and possible injuries.

The cause is under investigation.

American Red Cross and Salvation Army are teaming up to help victims and emergency crews. They will be having lunch and dinner free at the Fritch High School.

They have enough food to serve at least 400 people.

UPDATE: Fritch Chief of Police Monte Leggett confirms 75% of the fire is contained. Officials estimate around 1,500 acres of land have been destroyed and more than 75 homes have been damaged. 

Officials also say Highway 136 has been reopened.

UPDATE: Classes in Fritch are canceled for Monday, and will resume on Tuesday, per Fritch Superintendent Jim McClellan.

Fritch, TX - A wildfire in Fritch sparked late Sunday afternoon. 

Several structures in between Fritch and Lake Meredith have been lost. 

Department of Public Safety State Trooper, Chris Ray says they don't know the extent of the damage.

"We don't know if they're completely burned or partially burned. We just haven't been able to get in there to evaluate," said Ray. 

The primary goal was to get people out of the area. 

"We're evacuating the area of Harbor Bay, Sandford Fritch Estates, and Vincent Development," said Ray. 

The residents in those areas were sent to the gym at Fricth High School and Celebration Family Church. 

"The Red Cross is there to meet with them and give them anything they might need," said Ray. 

District Chief, Dan Bush with the Amarillo Fire Department says many fire departments in the area came out to help contain the fire. 

"Dalhart, Sanford, Hartley, Randall County, Cactus...and I'm sure there are many more before we arrived," said Bush. 

And with the fire still burning, officials in the area hoping it doesn't get worse. 

"The wind may shift later, so be prepared to evacuate if something goes wrong," said Ray. 

Crews plan on staying on scene until the blaze is under control. 

"We'll plan an operational period here for the coming evening and the next day and then reassess from there," said Bush.

Evacuation Locations: 

Fritch High School 
538 Eagle Blvd 

Celebration Family Church 
811 E. Broadway, E Broadway St

Hutchinson County Aluminum Dome 
1113 Bulldog Boulevard, Borger 79007

Johnson Youth Center
1201 Bulldog Blvd. Borger 79007
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