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Moore county voters to decide on hospital bond Saturday

Amarillo, TX - On Saturday, voters in Dumas will decide whether a new hospital and assisted living facility will be built.

The bond election is Saturday, May 10, and while the hospital feels a new facility will be benefit the community, concerned citizens are not so sure.

The Moore County Hospital is in need of a serious upgrade according to it's CEO Jeff Turner.

"We've got very, very significant plumbing issues, the main sewer line is collapsing, we have electrical issues, some main distribution panels are old, in fact the company that manufactures them went out of business and they've not been replaced," Turner said.

Also, some parts of the hospital are no longer up to code.

"All of our patient rooms are not ADA accessible, so as an example, a new building would bring all of those issues into compliance," Turner said.

So to correct these issues, the hospital board has proposed a bond to pay for a new facility.

"Tomorrow, Moore County will go to the polls to consider a question of a 49 million dollar bond election, that election if it passes would build a new hospital for our community and also an assisted living facility," Turner said.

But concerned citizens are not sure building a new hospital is the best idea and are concerned about the tax increase, which would affect everyone including those 65 years and older.

"If you were, had a average 100-thousand dollar home, for the 15 cent bond tax, you're paying 150-dollars a year, that sounds like over 30 years that is 45-hundred dollars," Concerned Dumas citizen Jordan Mills said.

"We think we need to continue with the hospital we have, use it for needs, for some surgery, babies.  Just a number of issues that leave it in question, we do not think Moore County needs a new hospital at this time."
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