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New Federal Guidelines ban schools from checking student's immigration status

Amarillo, TX - Area public schools will now have new guidelines to follow when enrolling students.  

The guidelines state school districts can *not* require proof of citizenship or block students if their parents can *not* prove their legal residency.  

One local attorney tells us so far all of our area schools have been compliant-- and there have not been any problems in the past.

"So it is important for schools to have this guidance so that when they are passing their new regulations for the coming school year which is usually decided over the summer, that they don't require additional things that will end up placing the school in some sort of litigation based on these new guidelines," says Cindy Goodman, Immigration Attorney at SJB Law Firm.

School districts and states are allowed to ask for proof of the the students age and whether they live in the the schools district.  

They can even ask for the parents drivers license-- but only to establish residency, not to determine legal status.  
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