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Northwest Texas Hospital makes changes to their uniforms to help with safety

Amarillo, TX - Certain colors scrubs are now seen at Northwest Texas Hospital.
Marketing Director for Northwest, Caytie Martin says it looks professional. 

But the reason behind this change is more for then just a nice color.

"Just being able to identify what scope of service that patient care was being, that the patient had a better knowledge of who was taking care of them," said Martin. 

The hospital also considered safety as a major aspect for the change.  

"We are always looking at the quality of care, but we also want the patient's safety as well and this gives us that next step towards that," said Martin. 

And as the change comes, so does some concerns from the staff.  

"We allowed the staff to be involved in making the decisions on what the changes were," said Martin. 

The staff took a survey on what the colors will be uses. After that they were all on board. 

Stacy's Uniforms owner, Stacy Callison says she's seen changes like this before in the past.  

"I've seen it go from all white to all solids to prints and now we are going back to solids," said Callison

And Northwest Texas Hospital reached out to Stacy's Uniforms to help the employees get their new scrubs.  

"They gave us this list of the colors, so I was able to order in enough time to have stock available when people started coming in to shop," said Callison. 

Which was no problem for Stacy. 

"I always get good service at Northwest as a patient. I've been treated with respect and I think they're a great bunch over there," said Callison. 

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