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A new Scam that has hit in other areas, has now hit a local man here

Amarillo, TX - When Brandon Long was approached by a representative claiming to be from Rockstar Energy Drink to put a wrap on his car, he was on board. 

"They weren't pushy or anything. Which made me think maybe this is something worth trying out," said Long. 

He received a check in the mail today and was instructed to keep $400 and send the rest to a body shop in Tennessee. 

"Why would I send the money to Tennessee? Why wouldn't I just give the money to a local auto detailer in Amarillo," said Long. 

He then went to his local credit union to have them look at the check, and they told him it was a fake. 

"It would be nice to have an extra $400," said Long. 

And according to the Fast Signs owner, Michael Goff, this isn't right. 

"It's not normal. Some companies will send graphics for you to promote their business but they normally don't pay you to do that...at least not in the Panhandle,"said Goff. 

Michael also says this isn't something that a major company like Rockstar Energy would do.

"Those are all copy righted graphics. They have spent a lot of money on their logos and they don't want it just anywhere," said Goff. 

And the local Better Business Bureau confirms similar situations in other areas, though this is the first case in Amarillo. 
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