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The Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic is now part of the BSA's health system family

Amarillo, TX -- Employees and patients of the Amarillo Diagnostic Center now have access to the BSA facilities.

Well, talks of the Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic becoming aligned with BSA have been going on for over a year and when the process finally started, it took several months before this negotiation was finalized.  

BSA health system is the largest healthcare employer in the area.

"BSA is a wonderful place to work and does a wonderful job of taking care of patients and the skills and the capabilities we have at the diagnostic clinic, I think we greatly compliment what they have here at BSA." says Dr. Bill Byrd, Physician at ADC

As of this month BSA and the Amarillo Diagnostic Center are now working together.  

For the employees this means more benefits and access to the BSA facilities.
And for the patients-- they will also have access to BSA technology and stability to keep their physicians around.
"Because its very important to us that the patients do not see a difference. That they come in, that they get the care from the their physician that they have always received and that they don't even notice the difference at all." says Mary Barlow, Director of Corporate Communications for BSA

Doctor Bill Byrd-- A physician at the diagnostic clinic says being a team will also help BSA grow and recruit more primary doctors and specialist to the area.  

"This removes a lot of the impediments that the government puts up and how we are able to solicit new doctors to come to town and that's one of the things we really want to do is recruit." says Dr. Byrd

The clinic has 17 physicians, 4 nurses and a total of 129 employees-- All of them get to keep their positions and salaries.

And part of the negotiation is that these employees follow BSA policies and procedures.  

"To have these physician groups as a part of our system, is going to make a much stronger hospital and we are very honored that this worked out that they are now part of BSA." says Mary Barlow, Director of Corporate Communications for BSA

Now that the clinic is part of a larger system, they are also in a better position to deal with what centers for medicare and medicaid services throw their way.
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