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After several donations, local organizations got to see the community's new bloodmobile.

Amarillo, TX - The Coffee Memorial Blood Center says getting a new bloodmobile is a long time coming. 

Director of Public Relations for Coffee Memorial, Suzanne Talley says the existing bloodmobile is a about 11 years-old. 

"We cover a lot of territory so it has a lot of miles on it," said Talley. 

So much so, it was starting to have mechanical issues. 

"They were all repairable, but costly," said Talley. 

And any time The Blood Center is in need of vehicle needs and equipment. 

"We have to write grants, rely on donations from individuals or companies. There's always a need not only for blood but for financial support as well," said Talley. 

When word got out about The Blood Center needing an upgrade, supporters stepped up. 

CEO for First Bank Southwest, Smith Ellis says working with Coffee Memorial Blood Center is important. 

"It's important for us to help fight cancer in our area, so we are happy to be a donor," said Ellis. 

Another supporter, Terry Coffee with Panhandle Wild Hogs donated over $10,000 for the bloodmobile. 

And many of the supporters say not only does the bloodmobile benefit The Blood Center, but the community. 

"We need to keep that bus out there trying to collect blood," said Ellis. 

Because the volunteers in the community could save another life in the Panhandle. 

"And maybe it won't break down like our older one," said Coffee. 
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