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Unique tractor helps out The Garden at the High Plains Food Bank

Amarillo, TX - When you think of tractors, you may think of something big and green, not something small and feathery.

But at the High Plains Food Bank, they are using a chicken tractor to till the soil in their garden.

"Chickens are destroyers so, the biggest benefit is harnessing that strength they have of scratching up things, of fertilizing, and just really focusing it in on where you want it to be rather than just leaving them to destroy anything they want to or eat anything they want to," said Justin Young who works in The Garden at the High Plains Food Bank.

The tractor is moved throughout the garden to make sure the area is evenly taken care of and it's not too difficult to build.

"Having plenty of shade for them keeps them happy, and we also have a nesting box mounted and a door to our nesting box so we can easily access eggs, we don't have to crawl into our chicken tractor, so keeping the chickens happy inside of it and keeping yourself out of it is a really good design principle when you're designing stuff for chickens," Young said.

The Food Bank has one rooster and six hens.

They put the chickens back in their coop every night in order to protect them from predators.

But Young says chickens are animals of habit so they have no problem putting them in the tractor every morning and taking them out every night.
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