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WTAMU guarantees fixed tuition and fees for incoming freshman

Amarillo, TX - Despite an initial increase in fees incoming students at West Texas A&M University will be guaranteed fixed tuition and fees this fall.

The measure was finalized Thursday by the Texas A&M board of regents.

Neal Weaver with WT says this change will help student plan for their future.

Upcoming freshman will have the same tuition rate for the entire four years they are at WT.

"When students come to school here they will lock in the tuition and school fee rates for the rest of their time here at the university. As long as they complete their degree, their tuition and fees will not go up for the next three four years as long as they need to finish their degree."

There will be an initial 6-percent increase in tuition and fees for students starting next fall.

Vice President for enrollment management at WT Dan Garcia says students and their families will know exactly what they are paying for the next 4 years.

"Being able to know what the cost of the education is going to be for the next 4 years is going to eliminate any surprises. Typically tuition increases each year at colleges and  universities is not very much but for some families, it can be a surprise."

WT is hoping guaranteeing students fixed tuition and fees will draw more people to the university.

"It is a marketing advantage for us and we are certainly telling everybody that we can as far and as wide. There is nothing like this OK or Colorado, or New Mexico. So we think that we have positioned ourselves to be much more aggressive in recruiting students from a broader market place"

The initial 6-percent increase will translate to about 35 dollars more a semester for current students at WT and about 88 dollars more a semester for incoming freshman.
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