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New Pampa Animal Shelter sees improvements since opening in December

Pampa, TX - Last April 110 animals were euthanized at the Pampa Animal Shelter... this April, only 36.

The shelter says not only are euthanasia rates dropping, but they are seeing a positive increase in something else.

"We've seen a steady rate in the adoption," said Monty Montgomery who is the Director of Pampa Animal Control. "Anytime we can see more animals leaving, we're happy."

Since the new Pampa Animal Shelter opened back on December 10th, they have adopted out almost 400 pets.

This means the shelter along with PAWS, which operates out of their facility, are finding homes for more animals every month than they were before.

And the City's Animal Control feels the new shelter has a lot to do with the improvement.

"We've got more room, we've got a better environment, the animals are staying safer longer, they're staying healthier longer," Montgomery said.

While the euthanasia rates have gone down, and the adoption numbers have increased, the Pampa Animal Shelter is still hoping their animal reclaim rates will go up.

"My hope is that we can get an increase in our reclaims, our owners coming back and getting their animals, and let's get them back where they belong, let's turn into a group that no longer throws away our pets," said Montgomery.

Montgomery tells us he hopes in the future the facility will continue to see the improvement they were promised when they first set out to build the new facility.

"We are seeing what they predicted and we are very happy about this," Montgomery explained. "When I step back and see 40 extra animals a month leaving, I'm very optimistic and I'm optimistic that it will continue."

In April of last year 76 animals were adopted at the Pampa Animal Shelter, compared to 113 this April.
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