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AISD makes bus discipline changes

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo ISD is changing up its school bus rules for students who act up.

It may leave some students without a ride.

Well recent changes have been made to the district's student handbook and will be in effect starting next fall.

Where it used to be school bus companies mainly handled the problems, now they can take any complaints directly-- to the principal.

"First Student" is the name of the bus company that gives Amarillo public school students a ride.  

And now with the recent increase in problems on buses, the company decided to make some changes to the rules for students who misbehave.
"The number of days were increased for the different offenses, that was mainly the biggest difference in it, is the number of days they could be suspended from riding the bus." says Stan Chatman, Executive Director for Student Performance.

For example, a first offense will be a verbal and written warning, second offense: three day suspension, and if a student gets up to a fifth offense, they will be suspended for the remainder of the school year from riding the bus.

"Anytime that there is a very serious incident then the school and the bus company work in conjunction with each other to try to help solve that by using the student code of conduct, its a rule in the guide those measures that we take for students that have problems," says Chatman.
And with any serious problems, the bus driver can take further action and involve the students principal. At that point the principal can take disciplinary action that include restricting or revoking the student's privilege on the bus and even suspend the student from school.  

Drugs or weapons brought on the bus could lead the student to being expelled.
And these new rules include all students from Elementary through High School.  

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