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The ride of a lifetime: One man's journey cross country for a cause

Doctors said he only had a few years left to live, but one Texan is defying the odds while making a difference for others with his condition.  

Living with Hemophilia, HIV and Hepatitis C is enough to make anyone feel like the odds are against them, but Barry Haarde won't stop fighting and is on the ride of a lifetime.  

With every push, pedal and break, Haarde has one mission in mind.

"I'm doing this for a fundraiser called Save One Life which is an organization that helps people with Hemophilia in developing nations who do not have access to medication because of it's high cost," he told us when we were able to catch up with him in Pampa.

"Back in the day there was a lot of stigma associated with HIV which I contracted along with about 10,000 other Americans with Hemophilia back in the 1980's," he said. 

What started as a way to rehabilitate after a full knee replacement due to his Hemophilia, has turned into his passion.
Now peddling about 110 miles a day, Haarde's ride has taken him across the country three times. A journey that does not fall short of 3,000 miles.
His current journey started in California, and will take him to the coast of Georgia; A 27 day trip that not only pushes him physically, but also emotionally.  

"I lost my brother to Hepatitis C, my brother in law to AIDS, both hemophiliacs. I've known many people who have passed away from those two conditions. So I'm very fortunate to be able to do what I do," Haarde said. 

A ride he was once told he would never be able to make, has become a way for Haarde to push on and help make a difference.

"As far as we know, I'm the only person with hemophilia who has done a cross country bicycle ride," he said. 

Early Thursday morning, he will hit the road again. His next stop, in Oklahoma. 

To track Haarde's trip follow the link below:

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