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Local reaction to vaccinations and Autism

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Amarillo, TX - One third of parents with children under the age of 18 believe vaccinating children can cause Autism according to the National Consumers League.

In a NewsChannel 10 poll 28 percent believe vaccinations cause Autism.

We also spoke with local people  to see how they felt about vaccinating children.

"I think it's a good thing, it saves you from having to do it later on, especially when they get older because it seems like this day in age a lot of kids are getting sick between the ages of birth to four, five, six years old," said Kevin Pennington who is a Father.

We did speak with one person who told us they believe there are now too many vaccinations.

But local health officials say vaccinations do not cause Autism.

"There was an article that was published that really led to a scare about that, since that time, the journal that published that article has retracted that article and has found it to be falsified data, and that has no longer shown to be the truth," Dr. Amanda Griffin who is a Pediatrician at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center said.

And the City Health Department provides discounted and free vaccinations because they believe it's the best way to protect our community.

"One of the ways vaccines work is to protect the individual, but also to provide what is called herd immunity, so that if your vaccinated and I'm vaccinated then those in our community who can't be vaccinated either because they are too young or they have a medical condition are protected," said Casie Stoughton, BSN, RN and Assistant Director at the City of Amarillo Public Health.

And Amarillo resident Ray Barbosa knows from personal experience what can happen if a child is not vaccinated.

"I had a little brother that passed away when I was little and it all had to do because we didn't the medicine we have now, and with all the medicines they have now that they give, you save a life, that's what you do you save a life," Ray Barbosa who is a Father said.

Amarillo has weekly clinics for those who wish to vaccinate their children, but can't afford it.