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Area colleges encourage students to report sexual assault incidents

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo College says sexual assault cases don't seem to come up all too often. 

Campus and Safety Education Officer, Scott Acker with Amarillo College says from 2010 to now, they have had no cases of sexual assault. 

And West Texas A&M University Lieutenant, Patrick Coggins is also seeing the same trend. 

"On average we see one or two a year, but sometimes we have years where it goes as low as none reported throughout the year," said Coggins 

Which is a good statistic to have, but it also raises some questions. 

"A lot of people feel like police are intimidating and they don't want to report it. That's why a lot of crimes do go unreported," said Acker. 

Many people think sexual assaults at colleges and universities are one of the most under reported crimes. 

"There might be an embarrassing aspect to that makes them less inclined to report," said Coggins.

Acker adds that they can't force students to report a crime. 

But they can encourage students to report an assault when it happens. 

"If you're a victim of a crime and you don't want to talk to us, you can go to one of the CSA's. Seek them out and talk to them," said Acker. 

West Texas A&M has a similar way of helping out its students. 

"If a CSA becomes aware of a crime, even if the person involved does want it reported, the CSA will make a report for the purposes of satisfying the Clery Act," said Coggins. 
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