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Animal cruelty claim against veterinarian

Fort Worth, TX - Animal cruelty charges have been filed against a veterinarian in Fort Worth. 

A disturbing revelation for one family is leaving them even more distraught as the vet they are accusing of cruelty to their dog bonded out of jail. 

Police say that Dr. Millard Tierce turned himself in around 7:00 Wednesday night after being arrested for animal cruelty charges.

A former client alleged her dog was kept alive and used for blood transfusions after the fact she had been told her dog was euthanized. The vet never did say anything, but Fort Worth police confirm he turned himself in, after a warrant was issued for his arrest on an animal cruelty charge.

Fort Worth police and state investigators raided the clinic, seizing two additional dogs and evidently found enough evidence to start building a case against the vet with 40 years of experience. Action is expected to be announced today by the Texas state board of veterinary medical examiners concerning Tierce's license to practice.

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