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UPDATE: Steady rise in sex offenders in Amarillo

UPDATE: Amarillo, TX - Three sex offenders in Amarillo recently listed as absconded have now been arrested. 

Joyce Acey, Cecil Russell, and Aaron Washington are all behind bars.
The Amarillo Police Department still needs your help in finding Tyler Barrett and Alfonso Orosco as they are still listed as absconded - or missing.
If you have any information about thietheirreabouts you are asked to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400.

Amarillo, TX - Local law enforcement says Amarillo has seen a steady rise in sex offenders over the last few years.

We spoke with the Amarillo Police Department about what is behind it.

APD says there are a few reasons behind the increase, but the main one is an increase in population.

Amarillo has almost 1700 total sex offenders currently, up by almost 200 from 3 years ago.

Sergeant Brent Barbee says these numbers include offenders who have moved away, been incarcerated, or are deceased.

"We have an increase in population, a certain percentage of the population is going to be sex offenders, people that will be convicted on these offenses, so as the population rises, so does the number of sex offenders."

Aaron Washington, Alfonso Orosco, Cecil Russell, Joyce Acey, and Tyler Barrett are currently listed as "absconded" or as "whereabouts unknown".

These violators are being actively investigated.

Barbee says it is important that people are aware sex offenders are not always strangers.

We worry about strangers and we worry about the stereotypical sex offender, the guy in the trench coat down the street, but when you look at victimology, it seems like well over 50-percent of the time, these are people who have legal access, they are people you know, very often family members that have access to the children."

Barbee explained as Amarillo's population increases, we can expect to see an increase of sex offenders living in Amarillo.

"A certain percentage of the population is going to be involved in crime, and a certain percentage of those are going to be involved in sex crimes and arrests. It goes up as the population goes up."

The APD says some of the increase also comes from the department being able to more effectively investigate cases and make arrests.

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