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First responders barbecue for a good cause

Amarillo, TX - Local law enforcement and firefighters are taking their skills to the grill to help out the 100 Club.

The 100 Club financially supports first responders when tragedy strikes on the job and now it is reaching out to the community to help it expand their efforts across the Texas Panhandle.

The organization is hosting a Battle of the Badges BBQ competition Wednesday evening at Ashmore Inn and Suites at 6:30. Their goal is to recruit new members and raise funds in the process. The 100 Club has 200 members, but after recently expanding their services across the Panhandle they would like to add 800 more.

"We just expanded our coverage area last year from basically Potter and Randall counties to the 26 counties," explained 100 Club Executive Director Dwain Knight. "With that expansion, we need more membership and we need funds coming in to cover this additional area."

That's why the 100 Club decided to open up their annual meeting to the public for first time in the BBQ-style competition. "We're just trying to get our name out to the public and let everyone know who we are, what we are, and what are goal is in supporting the first responders of the Amarillo area and the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle," said Knight.

Although the 100 Club is known for helping families during tragedies, it also helps with preventing them. "So that we're not only there in times of tragedy, we assist these agencies in obtaining life-saving equipment when they don't have funds available within their budget," said Knight.

The club said the rural counties are the ones that need the most help. "Up to 85 percent of the firefighters in our rural counties are volunteers," said incoming president Coco Duckworth. "And the 100 Club is proud to support certified volunteers in all of those counties. A lot of those little cities have smaller budgets and we are thrilled to be there for them."

To become a member of the 100 Club, visit their website at

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10
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