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Changes proposed to downtown Amarillo urban design standards

Amarillo, TX - The City of Amarillo is proposing changes to their downtown urban design standards to continue their downtown revitalization efforts.

A room full of downtown property owners attended a meeting Tuesday evening to hear how the changes could affect them. City officials said one amendment would require property owners who increase their floor space by 50 percent or more to add additional lights and trees to their surrounding sidewalks. Another amendment would allow businesses to build drive-throughs, which is currently not permitted. The third amendment would require new properties to be built near or at the property line to go along with the city's urban design concept.

"These proposed changes would probably be more associated with the commercial type developments that tend to be done in the downtown business area," explained city planning director Kelley Shaw. "There is a large section of residential properties within the urban downtown district, but the proposed changes are probably only going to be more associated with those non-residential projects."

Shaw said the standards are in place to provide protection for future investments in the downtown area.
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