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Experts say Internet Explorers users may be at risk

Amarillo, TX - If you use the browser Internet Explorer, hackers may already be in your computer.  

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is advising Americans not to use the Internet Explorer web browser until a fix is found-- after finding a security flaw over the weekend.  

The bug has already been used by hackers to attack some U.S. financial firms and cyber- security software.

"Stop using Internet Explorer and start using Chrome or Firefox." says Julie Korinek, Marketing Manager at Cat-Man-Du.

That's the advice experts are giving to anyone who uses Internet Explorer, especially businesses.

Its a bug called "zero day" a technique hackers use to trick you into visiting a site that will sweep your computer and give them total control to everything you do... From access to your e-mails to credit cards you may use to shop online.  

And the tricky don't have to click on anything.

The bug leaves a "drive by install" which means malware can be installed without your knowledge.

"Its basically like remoting into your computer almost but you know maliciously and what they'll do, they can just see what you're doing and they can see you buying things and putting your credit card information into the computer-- almost like sitting in front of it. Whatever is on your screen, they can see it." says Julie Korinek

Hackers use Adobe flash files to corrupt the victims computer, so users can avoid that by turning off Adobe flash.

And rather than directly reaching out to the victim, hackers inject their code to a "normal, everyday website" that the victim visits-- the code is then hidden on the site and infects their computers.

The bug affects all versions of Internet Explorer 6 through 11.    

Microsoft says you may be directed to a website by a link in an e-mail or instant message.  

The e-mail may appear to come from someone you know and the website may look like a website you normally visit.  

So just be careful and make sure to always upgrade regularly.

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