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Dust storm caused outdoor workers to go home early

Amarillo,TX - For Billy Krause, Tuesday's dust storm left his landscaping business with little to do. 

"It's affecting my business by scheduling and trying to get stuff done. We have to move our schedule around where we're going to plant," said Krause. 

He also had to think about the quality of his work being installed in these weather conditions and the safety of his staff. 

"They'll probably be coming in here a little early today, just to get out of the dust and the harmful stuff that's blowing in the sky. And beware of falling tree limbs," said Krause. 

And the Panhandle's windy weather is also costing him on his planting material. 

"Plant material is dying quicker because it's drying out really quickly, can't keep enough water on it," said Krause. 

Other supervisors had some safety concerns for their outdoor workers as well. 

Spokesman for TxDOT, Paul Braun says people can't work safely in this kind of weather. 

He also says they've sent their workers home early for the day. 

"The dust can block the visibility of motorist coming towards the work zone, blowing cones over into our workers, workers getting things in their eyes," said Krause. 
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