Portales Police Department change in command

Portales, NM -

As controversy continues to erupt inside the Albuquerque police department and it's procedures, another New Mexico police department is cleaning up their act. 

The once, scandal-plagued Portales police department is now fully staffed. A new reports shows that Portales police recently became fully staffed with 24 officers following months of having open positions. Six months ago, the department had more non-certified officers than certified.

The new police chief is attributing this jump in staff to an increase in pay and incentives for new officers to join the department. Before the new chief took over, at least eight Portales officers in the span of 18 months were accused of misconduct, convicted of felony crimes or had left the department under questionable circumstances.

The new chief also says he's doing strict background checks of his new hires and calling their previous employers to get their history to prevent another corrupt department from happening.