Deadly weather outbreak across midwest

Deadly weather outbreak across midwest
Louisville, MS - The spring storm season is wreaking havoc across several states in the Midwest. With a just a little over a month into spring, storm season is already making a devastating dent on communities across the Midwest region.

In the wake of the twister outbreak, a "tornado emergency" remains in effect for parts of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee as dozens of tornadoes have already been confirmed with one touching down near Louisville, Mississippi, reportedly as large as a mile wide.

Several homes and businesses have been destroyed as clean-up efforts are now in effect.
This is the second wave of deadly tornadoes to bring destruction to the south and storm experts are closely tracking this system as it continues to move east.

This same weather system killed more than a dozen people Sunday in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa.

Members of the American Red Cross, based in Dallas, have already left to give aid to those storm victims in Arkansas.