Local Red Cross volunteers deploy to Arkansas

Local Red Cross volunteers deploy to Arkansas

Amarillo, TX - The deadly tornado that ripped through Mayflower, Arkansas has one local organization reaching out to help.

Two volunteers from the American Red Cross of the Texas Panhandle deployed to Mayflower to bring disaster relief aid to those in need. Raenell Gore and David Watson loaded up the disaster relief truck Monday morning and headed east.

"They are awesome," said Debbie Strate of the Red Cross. "They were just willing to drop what they were doing in their lives and head across the country to help those in need."

Strate said they will use the emergency vehicle to distribute food and supplies to the affected area. As volunteers from across the nation start to assemble, she said there is still a lot of uncertainty about the exact needs in Mayflower. "It's early on in the aftermath of the storms. So we don't really know yet what all the needs will be. They could be gone two weeks or maybe more depending on the needs."

But no matter what the needs are, she said her team is ready. "Red Cross has awesome training for all of us who are disaster action team members. There are very specific guidelines that you go through to learn how all of these operations work. And you have to have completed the training in order to be able to respond to theses kinds of disasters."

Red Cross officials say the best way to support their disaster relief effort is to make a monetary donation. "With monetary donations, the Red Cross staff can buy what's needed and also support the local economy where the disaster occurred as well," explained Strate.

One of the easiest ways to make a donation is to text "Red Cross" to 90999, which will automatically give a $10 donation. You can also visit


Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10