Home video security systems need to operate off a secure Wi-Fi connection

Home video security systems need to operate off a secure Wi-Fi connection

Amarillo, TX -  Being able to visually check on your home while you are on summer vacation is a good idea.

But local security and computer experts say you need to take some steps to secure your system from hackers before packing your bags.

Home video surveillance helps you keep an eye on your home.

But if you do not secure your internet connection, then you may be allowing others to take a peek as well.

You may think you are protecting your home from criminals by installing a video home security system which can be viewed anywhere...  

"Having ports open to the outside network, so you can view that security system outside of your home network is convenient, but it also opens it up to outside attackers being able to see that same camera system," said Andrew Brandt with All Star Computer Service.

But there are ways to protect your home and your system.

"Making sure their Wi-Fi network is secure and they are maintaining good passwords," Ray Morris with Allstate Security Industries said.

And this means having a password, which is not too simple and changing it often.

It's also important to make sure you have a strong firewall installed to protect your  network.

"By using a more custom firewall solution, you'll be able to pinpoint, exactly what IP addresses are allowed to view your camera system, and then block attacks from unknown IP addresses," said Brandt.

And if you're concerned about the security of a Wi-Fi video security system, you could purchase a hard wired system, which may not provide as strong a quality of video, but is secure.

"If you don't network that DVR, then you got a closed circuit system, it's not going out anywhere,  it's pretty secure," Morris said.

So the best way to make sure your home is safe, while you are away is to make sure your home Wi-Fi network is secured from outside users.