Texas Tech nursing program makes one student hopeful to help rural areas in the Panhandle

Texas Tech nursing program makes one student hopeful to help rural areas in the Panhandle
Amarillo,TX - Texas Tech University Health and Science center's Nursing program is a second chance for those who want to study nursing.

Michael Snead, a student in the Nursing Program says he got his first Bachelors in Art with a Computer Information System as a Minor.

But what makes this program different from the other nursing programs in Amarillo? 

Assistant Professor, Debbie Casida says the program is unique because student get their Bachelors Degree in Nursing within one year. 

The students who are currently enrolled say the  intense one year training course with a lot of hands-on experience is preparing them for the real thing.  

"They're really enjoying and they can't wait to graduate and fulfill that role as a nurse," said Casida. 

And for Michael Snead...his focus will be on rural area health care after he graduates.  

"I live in Umbarger...So, Hereford or Tulia. Those hospitals actually is where I definitely want to be," said Snead. 

Michael tells us being from a rural area let him really see the need for nurses in those areas.  

"You start seeing the people that are from small towns having to move to big cities to get their health care, their health needs taken care of because really there's not a way it can be supported in smaller towns," said Snead. 

And he'd be happy to give those people in rural areas what they need so they don't have to travel.

"I really want to help my neighbors and help those around me in that capacity," said Snead. 

And he says being in this nursing program gives him confidence to fulfill his goal.  

The school says they are expecting 15 student this fall and 50 the following year.  

For more information on this Nursing  program, contact Bailey Wesley at the TTUHSC School of Nursing at (806) 414-9337 or bailey.wesley@ttuhsc.edu