Consumers may see price hike at the clothing store

Consumers may see price hike at the clothing store

Amarillo,TX - Consumers in our area may be seeing a price hike when shopping for certain clothing.

The drought is playing a role on prices for clothing made from cotton.

Texas is the nation's leading cotton producing state, but due to the drought, this year's crop may not be quite as fruitful.

Layers of dust on cotton fields in West Texas are increasing the chances that Americans will start paying more for things like underwear and blue jeans.

Dr. Stephen Amosson an extension economist for Texas Agrilife says higher costs will boost pressure on cotton buyers.

"In general yeah, you will see some up trending, we have already seen the December prices move up 3 cents, you know and it could move up another dime, it is possible. And that would reflect back into cotton products."

The good news is consumers shouldn't expect to see any changes to price tags for at least the 3 to 4 months.

Amosson says it is more likely we will see a price hike this fall and into next year.