Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society comments on Animal Control controversy

Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society comments on Animal Control controversy

Amarillo, TX - The Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society’s President Carry Baker held a press conference Monday to address the current controversy with Animal Control’s alleged improper euthanasia practices.

Last week video surfaced of a dog being put down in Amarillo’s Animal Control EU building while still awake, in a room which showed other dogs who our source says were either dead or in the dying process.

State law reads dogs must be “anestethized” or “unconscious” when given a intra-organ shot so that she/he is unable to feel pain, it also reads that “the carcass(es) of any animal (s) shall be removed from the euthanasia area prior to a live animal(s) entering that area.”

Baker said, “Regarding the ongoing investigation of Animal Control, we are as outraged as the public about allegations of improper euthanasia and care of animals.”

She also added in her read written statement that, “As soon as our board of directors was made aware of these allegations, we quickly considered what action we could take to assure that, if the allegations were true, that no more improper euthanasia would occur. One of our actions was to retain legal counsel in the event we needed to file suit against the City requesting injunctive relief.”

Baker did add that with all this being said she hopes that once this situation is resolved the Humane Society hopes to maintain a good working relationship with the City.

The City has not commented thus far on specifics of the allegations, saying that they are allowing the proper authorities to do their job and let the situation run its proper course.

Assistant Randall County District Attorney Robert Love tells NewsChannel 10 the investigation that the Amarillo Police Dept. has conducted has been presented to the their office.They've reviewed what they have done.

Love says the D.A.'s office is continuing the investigation in conjunction with the Amarillo Police Department.