Amarillo Police arrest a woman on counterfeit charges

Amarillo Police arrest a woman on counterfeit charges

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo Police were at 9th and Louisiana in Amarillo to recover a stolen Mercury.

After they arrived, officers noticed a black Jeep speeding away from the area. 

The officers followed the Jeep and stopped it at 11th and Tennessee.  

According to The APD, after investigating the vehicle, officers found an illegal knife, three counterfeit $20, a printer, and an additional five copies of counterfeit 20's that had not been cut.  

All of these items were taken and booked as evidence.  

Police identify the driver as Michelle Saldana. Salanda was booked into Potter County on three charges of Forgery Government/National Instrument/Money and one count of Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon. There were no other passengers in the vehicle. 

The stolen Mercury was returned to its owner. Both incidents are under investigation.