Plant Explosion in Houston

Plant Explosion in Houston

Corrigan, TX -

A year after the deadly plant explosion in the town of West, Texas, a smaller plant explosion rocks a town in the Houston area over the weekend. Last week marked one year since a plant explosion devastated the town of West. 

An explosion has rocked a plant north of Houston, but luckily only injuring seven workers and causing a fire that took hours to extinguish. 

The explosion happened around 6:15 Saturday evening at a plywood manufacturing plant in Corrigan, Texas, a town about 90 miles north of Houston. A plant official says four workers were injured and flown to a Houston hospital suffering serious burns, but no life-threatening injuries.

Three other injured employees were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital and one of those three has been released. There has not been any indication yet as the cause of the blast remains under investigation. Reports also show it took crews about two hours to extinguish the fire that erupted after the explosion.