Drought issues in Texas

Drought issues in Texas

Lubbock, TX -

With no spring showers in our immediate future, the drought continues to effect residents across Texas. Some homeowners in and around Lubbock have no running water as cotton farmers have begun to irrigate their fields, even in the midst of this long dry spell. Reports show this is the 5th year more than two dozen homeowners north of Lubbock have lost water when cotton farmers irrigate their fields.

A water expert says the farmers aren't breaking any rules either, but that they just simply have deeper wells and the water naturally migrates to the deepest areas.

Residents in this area rely on the Ogallala aquifer for their water, but due to years of stress and overuse, this underground stream recharges slowly, making it more difficult to replenish water supply.

Some schools in our area are also dealing with the drought in more pro-active ways with talks of building wells, using artificial grass for their campuses and plants that are more drought tolerant.