Budget cuts causing teacher shortage

Oklahoma City, OK -

As budget cuts continue to plague jobs and schools across the nation, Oklahoma is getting hit even harder than most. Those cuts are leading to a shortage of teachers and creating serious problems for many school districts across Oklahoma. 

Sources say Oklahoma City public schools currently have 403 teaching vacancies that need to be filled before next school year, while Tulsa public schools have only 84 positions to fill with that number being up from the typical 30 to 40 vacancies.

Reports also show the vacancies in staff positions has hit all areas of study and in all grade levels, where they used to mainly effect only math, science and special education departments.

Educators say the growing scarcity of teachers reflects a situation that has existed for decades in Oklahoma public schools.

The state of Oklahoma also pays its teachers some of the lowest salaries in the nation, which is causing obstacles for schools to attract and retain teachers.