Elementary students pack care boxes for troops

Elementary students pack care boxes for troops

Amarillo, TX - A handful of soldiers from Amarillo will receive care boxes from home soon thanks to a group of local fourth graders.

Fourth graders from Arden Road Elementary worked with America Supports You Texas Friday afternoon to pack 45 care boxes for troops overseas. The boxes were jam packed with chips, dip and Girl Scout cookies from a school-wide donation drive.

America Supports You Texas is sending the boxes to five local soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

"They did a fabulous job of getting donations," said America Supports You Texas Care Box Coordinator Luan Martin. "I don't know how many fourth graders we had here today, but we had a lot and they were very enthusiastic about packing the boxes. And they know that they're sending them to the troops in Afghanistan and they understand that. And to me, that's phenomenal that this seed of patriotism has been planted in their heads."

"It felt really good because I'm helping, and I like to help people. It's just fun. It's a fun experience," said fourth grader Ali Torrez.

Although they have donations from the school, the organization still needs help covering the cost of postage to get the boxes sent. This is something the organization is always in need of. "We sent over $14,000 boxes worth of postage alone last year. So we need monetary donations as well as items," explained Martin.

To donate to the postage fund, you can visit the organization's website at


Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10