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New information on the McDonald's vs. semi truck wreck

Amarillo, TX - We have new information on the McDonald's wreck that happened on Amarillo Boulevard and Pierce earlier this month.  

The wreck on April 8th left a building destroyed and many with unanswered questions.

But a report released by the Amarillo Police Department today confirms the driver of the semi truck ran the red light on Pierce, hitting the white Honda on Amarillo Boulevard.  

The city released a statement telling the owners of the McDonald's that the building is unsafe and something must be done with it.

Structural engineers, along with several insurance companies, are still looking at the building to determine whether it will be demolished or repaired.  

We are told that decision will be made in the next two weeks.

Click here to view the preliminary report from the Amarillo Police Department on the Semi wreck into McDonald's on N. Pierce & Amarillo Blvd.

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