Breaking down your dollar: a look at where it goes within the city

Breaking down your dollar: a look at where it goes within the city
Amarillo, TX - Every year people pay taxes and small city fees in Amarillo. But, not many know where all this money ends up.  

It may not seem like a lot, but all that money adds up. In fact, in 2013, the city collected a total revenue of $155,457,469 for the General Fund. 

$108,336,731 came from taxes. The rest came from other fees, like building and license permits and fines. 
With the $150-million total, we broke it down to find out where exactly your single dollar goes.

The majority of your dollar helps pay for public safety and health. $0.48 helps to fund police, fire, building safety, animal control and emergency services.

The second largest part of your dollar is spent on recreation. $0.11 helps with the upkeep of parks and libraries.  

Street and traffic maintenance takes $0.08 from your dollar, followed by $0.07 for solid waste pick up.

The next $0.05 from your dollar goes towards city staff services.

City transit and general government purposes take $0.02 cents.

The last few pennies of your dollar are used for tourism, the city's information technology and capital outlay, which is used to maintain city purchases greater than $5,000.

If you've added it all up about $0.90 of your dollar is spent on those specific things.

The extra, is tucked away in the General Fund for capital improvement, an extra savings that can be used if needed to make city upgrades.