City of White Deer hopes alcohol proposition will boost tax revenue

City of White Deer hopes alcohol proposition will boost tax revenue
Source: KFDA

White Deer, TX - The City of White Deer is hoping a Proposition this May, will help them revitalize their city.

White Deer wants to re-vamp their city and draw in more tax revenue.

Even though White Deer has seen growth over the past two years, they still need something...

"We're needing a good cafe," said City of White Deer Mayor Jayson Smith.

And in addition to the cafe, the town wants to add a bar to go with it, but first they need to make a change to the law.

"The Proposition on Alcohol that we have is to sell all types of alcohol, plus mixed drinks," Smith said.

In addition to allowing the sale of alcohol in the proposed bar, the Proposition, if passed in May, will allow passing motorists to buy alcohol in White Deer instead of spending money in nearby towns.

"We have people stopping in Allsup's constantly, and they go on to Panhandle or Pampa and leave the tax money there," said Smith.

The City is also hoping to encourage more people to make White Deer their home by using city property to build a new community.

"This was in the city limits, it was already annexed, so we just used it, set it up for 47 lots," Kent Kelp who is the President of the construction company, K and K Incorporated said.

The living community will provide homes within a fenced in area which will make it safe for families and will hopefully bring in more revenue to the city since it will allow for more people to live there.

"We just need more money for the city, and everybody as most towns are, it's a bedroom community for Pampa and Amarillo," said Kelp.

The City is set to vote on whether to pass the Proposition on May 10th.