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Pedestrian Incident Sparks Safety and Parking Concerns in Downtown Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - Pedestrians don't have the right away when they are not in a crosswalk. 

Sergeant Brent Barbee with The Amarillo Police Department says there are a number of people who do cross between the crosswalks. 

Which is causing a danger not only for the pedestrians, but for the drivers. 

"It is illegal to cross in mid block like that," said Barbee. 

The Amarillo Police Department says this is hard to monitor because of the heavy foot traffic downtown. 

"It's not something that we have the ability to enforce real constantly and all the time," said Barbee. 

The APD says most of the car vs. pedestrian accidents that have happened are because the pedestrian didn't use the crosswalk. 

"It's not convenient based on where the parking lot is, based on where your office is," said Babree. 

But the plans for a parking garage downtown will hopefully make parking more convenient. 

Executive Director for Downtown Amarillo Inc., Melissa Dailey says the parking structure being close by is a good. 

"You're probably going to park closer in the garage than you might today if you're spread out over a lot of parking lots," said Dailey. 

Which could create a better balance between vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic. 

"We need to just provide that balance and make downtown as safe as we can by looking at sidewalks, crosswalks and just making sure that downtown is safe," said Dailey. 

It also wouldn't hurt to use a could save your life. 
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